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District Governor Jodi Burmester 27-D1 District Governor
Jodi Burmester

If you've been reading this column, you've heard about LCI Forward, the strategic plan that provides a road map for success that applies to every level of the Association.

In case you missed it, LCI Forward breaks down what it takes for Lions to thrive going forward:
   • Delight the Member - improve membership value and reach new markets.
   • Pursue Frontiers of Service - enhance service impact and focus.
   • Be the Best Association - pursue club, district and organizational excellence.
   • Shine a New Spotlight - Reshape Public Opinion and Improve Visibility.

The goal of this focus and asssociated stratetic initiatives is to triple our impact worldwide by improving the lives of at least 200 million people per year by 2020-2021.

I am pretty sure we can all agree this all sounds fantastic on paper. I am also pretty sure many of you are scratching your heads and wondering exactly how your own club can implement any portion of this program. Well, LCI and this District have you covered....
   • LCI's Club Quality Initiative outlines a process that clubs can use to work through this process.
   • The District will be putting on two Workshops for clubs that are looking to improve their ability to serve the community and their members' needs.

In other words, it's pretty much a must attend for every club in 27-D1. Here are the details...

Sunday, November 5th
$5 per attendee
8am - 12pm
- Mineral Point High School, 705 Ross Street.
2pm - 6pm - Coachman's Golf Resort, 984 County A, Edgerton.

Yes, that's right... two Workshops in one day. We believe that the information in this workshop is so important for every club to hear, that we wanted to offer sessions in both the eastern and western half of the District.

Thanks for all you do!